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Rainbow Popcorn – How to make Popcorn Series 03 – Rainbow S09

Rainbow Popcorn Recipe

We came across this recipe and just loved it! Enjoy making these colorful popcorn snacks with your kids.

Hi and a fun welcome to Steve’s Kitchen today’s popcorn is all about color its all about fruit we going to be making rainbow popcorn we’re going to start off with a plain popcorn with a beautiful color on it and then add our flavoring to it come on let’s get on and make our colored popcorn Now youare going to want a pan with a thick bottom and a lid on it I’m going to put half a cup oil vegetable oil into there a quarter of a cop of popping corn and quarter of a cup of white sugar now we need to introduce color into our popcorn at this stage so take a gel coloring I’ve got a sky blue here just going to pop some blue just two or three drops probably a couple at the most and that’s the basis now we’re going to take that over to the stove and start to heat this up now over on the stove we want to turn it up onto a high heat and then what you going to do is just mix all these ingredients together get the color to start to blend with the sugar what I like to do is just sort of shake the pan around in a circular motion and just stir like that now fortunately for us our corn will start to pop at the same sort of temperature that our caramel starts to form now as I shake it backwards and forwards we’re just looking for the first of the kernels to start to pop but do be careful because you’re dealing with hot sugars and watch out for splatters now look there is the first little popcorn popping so I know it’s going to kick off very shortly lets get our lid on there now what I’m going to do is just continue to shake this backwards and forwards because I don’t want to the sugars to burn now it does take a little bit of practice you’re trying to get as much of that popcorn to pop without the sugars burning sometimes it’s a good idea to turn the heat down just a little bit I can smell the caramel starting to form look at the color coming on the lid now I think that’s just about ready so I’m going to take that off of there now Now when that popping started to slow down a bit we would bring it over to the side here keep shaking it just for a moment then we’re just going to take the lid off pour it into our bowl now this is optional but a little salt in there just enhances the flavor of the sugars pop my lid on and then we just lift it up give it a good shake and there you have it there is our colored popcorn looking absolutely beautiful and tasting just fantastic as it is but we’re going to make these fruity flavored come back and I’ll show you how now will you look at those beautiful popcorn now if you’re watching this in black and white of course your watching fifty Shades of Grey popcorn but we are watching in color and look at this even as it is now we’ve got this wonderful rainbow popcorn and you can eat it just as it is it’s fantastic but we’re going to take it up a notch and add flavor to the rainbows and make them fantastic so let me show you what we’re going to do we’re just pop the rainbow out of the way for the moment I’m going to work with the yellow I’m going to take it and pop it in a little tupperware and to get flavour into here it’s very simple we’re just going to take a jello powder or jelly powder like this and what you want to do is add maybe a couple of teaspoons just sprinkle it over the top now this is passion fruit I’m going passion fruit with the yellow pop your lid on the top and then we’re just going to give this shake a up again and because it’s just a little sticky the flavor sticks all over there we can put that back in the bowl and you’ve got this wonderful yellow passion fruit popcorn which tastes let me just tell you just fantastic now we’re just going to repeat this with the other colors I’ve got blueberry for the Blue I’ve got strawberries going on my pink there I’ve got a wonderful lime Jelly going on this one I’ll get on and flavour these up join me in a second now I’ve added my flavors I’ve got the rainbow here now which one should I go for come on shout out I’m going to go for the strawberry because it’s one of my favorites give it a try flavours just fantastic so there you have it rainbow fruit-flavored popcorn now there are colors missing and the rainbow squad out there are going to come and tell me I’ve missed this color out and that if you want to do the full sixty four colors of the rainbow be my guest so if you like this video and you make the popcorn please share across some pictures tell me what flavors you use I love to see and hear what you’ve been up to comment down below share the love give this video a thumbs up I’ll see you in the next video be good now as a lot of you may know I’m doing a series of Popcorn and I’ll leave a link up there now if you want to get across I’ll also leave a link to something else rainbow featured on the side here as well I love to hear your comments please subscribe to the channel: leave me to have a little bit of fun eating popcorn take care see you next time cheers

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