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Can These Chefs Create This Kid’s Unicorn Dish?

Who thinks of these things?

This video is unlike anything you have ever seen before. I give these chefs a lot of credit for what they came up with!

Hi my name is Linnea I’m 9 years old and today I will have two chefs competing to make my dreams ich Hilah Maya hi I’m Alex I’m Rea nice to meet you hey sweetie – so Wow her unique own eat for dinner she would eat maybe like potato skins but it wouldn’t be a potato okay it would be Tiger fur it may not sound that good like she started off with potato skins and I was feeling pretty good and then she threw in that tiger so inside will would be cheese and then we’ll have like sweet lollipop flavored bacon on top it’s sweet spotty hats baked on the top and it’s all over the place now I love bacon especially when it’s nice and crispy oh good to know to drink they would have leprechaun tears why are they crying the Leprechaun is crying because well the unicorns are gonna drink their tears oh nothing goes to waste in you super straightforward compared to a dog or a cat it’s a lot of work to have a unicorn they would have this pink state haha that is sweet it wouldn’t be like a steak that we eat why it’s a flavor pink strawberry is that your favorite fruit yes meet you I’m trying to keep calm but I am freaking out inside I do not know what have quite some day this meal is served on a lettuce lettuce it’s also sweet oh let us see it’s just a lettuce okay I always tell her she needs to eat her vegetables oh wow you’re such a great friend so Lynette do you think we can make you this unicorn meal yes high five all right so here’s what I’m gonna do for the pinks sake I’m gonna make a blondie that strawberry flavored for the potato skin I’m going to try a shape a rice krispies treat and then use orange colored white chocolate for the tiger fur for the leprechaun tears I’m gonna make a vanilla milkshake and dyed green bow pink steak I’m going to make pancake stuck them up with cream cheese frosting and strawberries for potato scheme I’m going to use root vegetable chips and marshmallow lobotomies frosting and chocolate well leprechaun period I’m thinking about some green matcha milkshake I’m going to top with cookie shaped like fully clover because that’s like Michaels lucky charm well I hope this meal is it to unicorny alright then I have another idea for cookie I got this flower hot shape and I can just decorate so it kind of look like clover I love a good blondie Lynnae I mentioned that she really likes strawberries and that should also wanted a pink steak I felt like a strawberry blondie would be perfect because it will have that pink color but it will also taste like strawberries which is something she really likes this is definitely something I would have requested when I was my nizzle I like having kale smoothie chicken alfredo strawberries anything with strawberries just not sushi or like pizza that’s disgusting I’m gonna study it’s candy – bacon I am making this mixture brown sugar and maple syrup together I’m going to brush onto the Baker I’m gonna just use all the mess order so I don’t need to you know worry about it I’m gonna start on my rice krispies treats rights krispies are great because not only do kids love them but they’re super malleable my hope is that I’m gonna be able to shape my Rice Krispies into like a potato skin shape the only thing that I’m really gonna have to think about doing is this Tiger fur I feel like something is off on these I might have messed up the race you go I can’t believe I’m messing up rice krispies treats like the easiest thing to me I added in more of the Rice Krispies cereal this feels a little bit better to me already hopefully I’m able to shape it look like potato I’m making pancake butter right now codes you wanna rest of butter at least 30 minutes I was talking and I forgot how many how many flour I oughta so I’m gonna just do it again I know they don’t do it again we’ll just go with it just go with it I’m Bonnie pink kwhitaker ring I like this call it’s like a dreamy unique own color so now I’m gonna make my candied bacon I think mine is a little bit simpler than hers I’m just going to do brown sugar and cinnamon and coat that in the bacon and bacon it’ll taste good either way my bitcoins dying although it’s still a little bit not crispy as I want it and I just taste it it’s not sweet I want it I’m gonna just chop it up and call with more brown sugar so my cookies in the oven while I’m waiting I’m going to make royal icing so I can decorate the cookies I want to die with green because Santa it’s going to my particular kids drink all right so my cookies spread it completely I’m gonna just stop cool and think of something else my bacon was bacon for a long time and it still didn’t really get that crispy but I don’t want it to burn so I might just have to go with it I hope she forgot she likes crispy bacon I also pulled out my Bondi’s definitely got a little brownie I’m just gonna have to try to trim the edges into the shape of the steak which is something I have never done before it’s a little bit trickier than I thought it was gonna be cutting this blondie into the steak shape it’s a little crumbly and texture but I’m just trying to go with it looking at the inside that’s pink I’m happy with that mmm mm-hmm so now for my grill marks whoo we did it I think that looks pretty good I still didn’t know what I was doing and I just wanted to make look like something like a tiger for so I came up with skewer three marshmallow together and stick that so this is gonna be my Tiger TV show it was orange I thought it’ll be yeah oh no it’s orange I don’t like using food color but turns out kids love color so my heart’s a little aches but you know I have to do but to win it’s kind of look like tiger tiger on the skewers I think the pink stick is gonna be the hardest and also the Tiger fur potatoes inside know how they’re gonna toot that but hopefully it’ll be good I’ve basically made all the components now I just need to decorate so I’ve melted down my chocolates I am going to be dyeing my white chocolate orange I’m gonna try to dip my baked potato I’m just kind of playing around trying to get some kind of fur texture I hope I earn my tiger stripes does that look like a tiger yeah it’s like a tiger and a porcupines child well that’s alright I guess I’ve never done pancakes before but what I’m trying to do is make a steak shape pancake I’m just hoping my hand won’t be shaking I’m cooking lower temperature and hoping the color doesn’t turn brown yes pink so I picked out this glass to use for my leprechaun tier milkshake because I feel it was like kind of cute in leprechaun II I don’t know what that means but what I’m gonna try to do is pipe around the edge of a glass with this screen white chocolate to make a sort of like a teardrop shape I have some edible gold glitter and I’m going to try to get this on here because every leprechaun needs its pot of gold that worked I got some stuff in your pancake you sabotage me okay so my pancake is almost done I’m going to start decorating I’m going to hop with the cream cheese frosting in a layer the pancake she also asked for bed of lettuce but I don’t think it’s gonna taste good if I put lettuce underneath of the cake so I will try to incorporate that idea but still figuring out that reminds me she has four lettuce I’m gonna get religious my interpretation of data skiing it’s the potato chips I’m going to go underneath and sprinkle and don’t forget the bacon bits milkshakes are super simple so I’m just gonna put in some ice cream some milk and then a little bit of green food dye and to do it whoa so I’m gonna put a little bit more of that gold dust on top so good look I’m going to make rip recon tear her it’s milkshake weeds matcha ice cream and I think I’m gonna add some white chocolate so that’s gonna taste like a lot of matcha flavor all right once again yeah nice job I guess it’s time to trot on over do a unicorn land I’m actually super happy with how my dish turned out everything looks pretty accurate to the picture and I also think it’s gonna taste pretty great overall my dish looks pretty cool my tiger file looks pretty awesome and in my mind that’s what unique all day looks pretty much exactly the same it looks amazing this is delicious it’s very sweet light and I said I love the chocolate syrup what did they put on here to make this sweet this tastes really good tastes like syrup yes looks beautiful tastes just like leprechaun tears I mean if you look at the drawing and then you look at this you can’t tell the difference she liked that she likes it speechless this looks amazing I love how it tastes it’s just that this doesn’t really look like the potato skin that I drew this pink safe kind of looks like pancakes instead of a state me go ahead and try this delicious I love it I love how the strawberries taste just everything on this is just delicious it’s very tasty but again I don’t see him a cookie in my drawing leprechaun Tara’s with no cookie mmm I’m getting like a team and a milkshake in one drink it’s really delicious everything on this plate is just amazing I did not see this coming so it’s time to decide which meal do you think a unicorn would eat for dinner first of all I would like to know whose dish was who who you’re gonna tell you the lucky winner is the one with the chocolate syrup I can’t believe I pulled this off I’m sure I think Alex alone because might a little bit abstract I think chef Alex congratulations thank you I love it I’m gonna hang it up on my wall just like a unicorn only has one horn there can only be one winner in this competition now I’m glad it’s me

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