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Kid Friendly Pepperoni Pizza Quesadilla Recipe

This is one of the cutest videos that I have seen in a while and the recipe looks super easy to make. Check it out for yourself.

Hello everyone it is barry here welcome to my virgin kitchen hope you are well today I am joined by chloe, yes my youngest daughter chloe, and what are these wraps, they are wraps indeed, pepperoni pizza quesadilla, Chloe what is your most favourite food in the whole world, pepperoni, yes, pepperoni pizza is her favourite thing to eat, we made these pepperoni pizza quesadillas and you have not eaten one yet have you been snacking on loads of ingredients through the video as you will see but have a taste, they are delicious, they are daddy has nearly had all of that do you like it a lot super good super easy to make, chloe did a lot of the steps, this is how we did it. What was the first thing we did got all the ingredients ready so you spooned in the tomato sauce got the pepper ready bowls of cheese and the pepperoni yes we cannot forget that. I spread the wraps on the wraps to put the cheese on, yeah we put tomato sauce on first with spoons you do not want to put too much on so spread it out evenly that is right get a good even coating, yeah. What did we put on that tomato sauce tortilla then, cheese, cheeeeeeese! We did it was mozzarella but cheddar gets that really nice gooeyness in there too right mate, sprinkled a load of that down it is also going to act as a glue and then your favourite ingredient goes on top yeah what was that, um still pepperoni and also peppers then we put some more cheese on top yes we did mate so you have the cheese layer pepperoni with peppers held together with more cheese and then we got another wrap made with more tomato sauce and put that down so the tomato sauce touched the top that is how you make my pizza. It is important to let you know about that pepperoni we cooked that a little bit beforehand in a frying pan for a couple of minutes right you helped daddy put it in the pan keep it moving.

When it comes to cooking it chloe cannot use the pan so get one nice and warm using two spatulas lift the quesadilla into the pan let it cook for 2 or 3 minutes right you will start to smell it, you will start to smell it the tortilla will give off a sweet smell you can check, I want a drink is this thirsty work, you can check with a spatula it is nice and charred underneath transfer it to a plate put another plate on top then as if by magic flip it over and lift back in the pan that is a really safe way or alternatively just flip it in the pan and repeat for another 2 or 3 minutes. With that done transfer it to a board, �sings Justin Bieber� it will cool down to a nice temperature quickly, slice into nice wedges and then you can gobble it up which is what basically chloe has done through the whole video gobble the ingredients then gobble this, yeah, do you like it? Can you explain how it tastes, yeah, go on then, are you just going to eat, haha tell people how it tastes, it tastes yummy like a wrap, it is super good, super yummy mix it up anyway you like quesadillas are just a real quick speedy dinner so give it a go do not forget to subscribe follow us on social media let us know what recipes you want to see next, see you next time, bye!

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