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How to make Pac-Man Cookies – Pinch of Luck

Remember Pacman Cookies? Here is How to Make Them

These were my absolute favorite cookies growing up. My sisters and I used to run down to the local bakery to get these fresh from the oven. Here is a recipe that we found so that you can bake pack-man cookies yourself.

Hey guys! It’s Jana! And welcome to Pinch of Luck! Today we are going to make Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man Cookies! I’m really excited for Pixels Movie to come out, but I’m not really sure if it’ll be good or not. We’ll just have to wait and see! All the ingredients and tools we will be using today will be down in the description below. So Let’s Get Lucky! First we want to beat our butter and our sugar until it’s nice and fluffy. Now we’re going to add in our egg, 1 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/2 a tsp of almond extract and beat that up. We just want to add 1 teaspoon of baking powder and salt into our flour mixture, well it’s just flour so it’s not a mixture, into our flour. We’re just going to add in about a cup at a time into our butter mixture and get it all mixed together.

Now that it’s all mixed together we are going to add in some yellow food coloring. Your mixture may look a little bit crumbly, but believe me when we squish it together it’s going to, squish together! The best part about this roll out cookie recipe is you don’t have to cool it, so we get to roll it out right now, we don’t have to wait or nothing! So we just need to take a little bit of flour and spread it around on our surface.

Now we’re going to ball up our dough. Mmmmmmm, smells so good! Okay so now were just going to split it in half so we can roll it out. Get some flour on your rolling pin and top of your dough and roll it out. I do not have a Pac-Man cookie-cutter so I have a circle and a star and together it makes, PAC-MAN! So we’re just going to cut out the circles first, pull all excess away, take one of your circles with one tip of your star Pac-Man! Just place him on your greased cookie sheet. Just keep rolling and cutting! I’m so excited we got these I’ll cut out. Iy looks like that recipe gave us two dozen Pac-Man’s, but it all kind of depends on how thick you roll out your dough. So we’re going to put these in the oven at 350 for about 8 to 11 minutes. So just keep your eye on them, you just want them to get a little golden brown on the bottom.

And then we’re going to let them totally cool off. They are out of the oven and all cooled off, so let’s start getting our decorations ready. They look so cute! I have my yellow fondant, and I’m just going to roll it out and cut them out the same way I did the cookie dough. Squish it around to soften it up a little bit and lay down some powdered sugar. I have my nice big fondant roller here so let’s roll this baby out. Go ahead and start cutting out your circles, peel away the excess, cut out his little mouth. Just keep on rolling it out and cutting it up until you have enough for all of your cookies. Now we get to put our cookie decorations on. This is actually the same technique I used for my little chalkboard hearts. I’ll put a card up there for that one. So anyways, I just have some Dab N Hold, a little edible glue here.

Just going to shake it! And I’m going to put a little bit in this glass and use my little paintbrush and grab one of your cute little Pac-Man’s and put a little adhesive on the back. Just paint it on there, sloppy, it don’t matter. Grab a cookie, stick it right on there. Just wipe off any of the powdered sugar. And thre you go! Cute! These are looking so cute! Oh my gosh, I’m very excited! Okay so now let’s put everybody’s faces on.

So I have some mini M&Ms, of course I will be using the little brown ones for this eyes and the little red ones for a piece of Mrs. Pac-Man’s bow and the rest of her bow will be done with the heart sprinkles and her lips will be done with the heart sprinkles. (kiss kiss kiss) And they will all get stuck with a little adhesive. Just go ahead and give everybody eyes and we will worry about the Mrs. later. Hopefully it goes without saying, but make sure you put your M’s on the bottom side. Alright everybody has eyes, so now we just want to make half of them Mrs. For the Mrs. you just need one mini red M&M and three heart sprinkles. Now for the third heart, this is going to be her lips, so I actually have a pill slicer and halfer right here, but if you don’t have a pill slicer just use a knife. This is just kind of easier because it has the area in here so just hold it just perfectly to get it exactly in half.

(Snap) Adorable! Just keep on adding your bows and your lips on all your girls and I’ll show you what’s next. As some of you may know, Mrs. Pac-Man has a little beauty mark because is she so beautiful. So I have a food writer pen, just in black, were just going to put her little beauty mark on there and that’s all we got to do. Cute! (Kiss) These came out, so awesome! I love them! They’re going to be so yummy! Whoa! Whoa! I think we got Lucky! (Ding) Wow guys these just turned out so cute! I just love Pac-Man! If you guys make this just send me a picture on Twitter. If there’s anything you want to see, just comment down below, I’m always looking for fun new ideas. And as always if you loved it, like it, subscribe to it and share it! Thanks guys! (Kiss) Did you guys know that if you just Google Pac-Man you can play a Pac-Man game!

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