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How to make Butterbeer SUPER EASY – Harry Potter Treat Idea!

Absolutely Delicious Butterbeer Recipe

Since we just posted a Harry Potter cake recipe, I thought let’s find some yummy butterbeer to go with it. Enjoy this sweet yummy goodness!

Welcome to Pins and Things. Today, we are going to be making homemade Butter beer So we’re using a pint of vanilla ice cream, oh this is so weird I’ve never grabbed ice cream like this before in my life. So weird. And we also need a pint of cream soda. So the exact same amount of cream soda Already. I’m mixing them together. And then we’re gonna blend them up. Perfect amount. That’s pretty. Okay So now I’ve got about five Ice Cube’s I’m gonna add in And then we’re also adding in 1/8 of a cup of butterscotch topping.

Alright, let’s blend it up. I think it’s done. Should we try it? You ready for this. This is like the giantess mug ever. Oh the perfect amount for this giant Cup I’m gonna add a little bit of whipped cream on top and then we’re done and it’s time to taste it Oh my goodness, that’s so good. Do I have something on my face? Oh, can you look it off really quick? Ready to taste it? Is it good? Here Ellie do you wanna taste it? That’s good? Oh man you wiped off your nose. We were gonna be the dirty nose group Thank you guys for watching make sure to subscribe also you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram I still I’m giving away a whole bunch of Harry Potter wands Check out my Harry Potter one tutorial if you click over here Also, I’m giving away 10 of these Harry Potter wands still.

Make sure to check out my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because I will I’m sure this is annoying some people, right? Also click over here if you want to see me every day on The Beach House and I have a lot more Harry Potter videos Coming very soon. So I will see you guys next time. Lets go. Try some more butter beer, shall we? I think I’ve had too much butter beer guys .

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