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How To Make BLT Bacon Sushi Rolls: Kid Friendly Recipes from Kenmore

Bacon Sushi Rolls Recipe?

This recipe sounds odd and yet super yummy. It could be an interesting way to introduce your kids to sushi.

All right, guys. So we’re going to get started with our BLT sushi. It is so much easier than you think. So the very first thing that we need is a Japanese sticky sushi rice that’s already been cooking in my Kenmore rice cooker. And we’re going to take some out. Just in a bowl here. And what you’re going to need next is a little bit of rice vinegar.

If you don’t have rice vinegar at home, just use regular apple cider vinegar. That’s going to work just fine too. You’re going to need just about a tablespoon. And we’re going to mix that together. So what we need next is our seaweed. And you need these big sheets. You’re going to lay it down just like that. And we’re going to get our rice. So our sushi rice, we’re just going to lay it down here. The best thing about it is that you could really create your own for kids. You could do rotisserie chicken. And add some cut up vegetables in it. And what’s BLT without a little mayo, right? And this acts a little bit like glue too. Now, we have some romaine lettuce. So next we need thinly sliced Roma tomatoes. You want to slice them lengthwise. So that goes all across your sushi roll here. I’m to add a little extra tomatoes because my kid loves tomatoes. And the best thing of BLT is the “B,” which is bacon. And we have super thick, delicious slices of bacon.

Do not be shy with this. Your kid’s, I’m sure, going to be the hit of the class. And now the fun part of sushi is the rolling. You may need a couple of practices doing this. But this is so fun to even get your kids involved and getting them in the kitchen and creating their own lunch or dinner. And now what you need to do is to take the ends here. Lift them up. And don’t be afraid. Fold it over. And with your hands, squeeze it down. You want to compact the ingredients, that rice, that rice vinegar. We’re going to lift it a little bit. And you could see there how it’s starting to turn into a roll. And we’re going to roll it again. See it’s not that scary.

It only looks scary at first. But once you get this down, it really is such a fun lunch, even when you have guests coming over last minute. And as long as you have all the ingredients or whatever you have in the fridge, throw in it and have a really fun sushi party for your neighbors. So now we want to cut up our sushi. Very simple. You can do as big or as thin as you’d like. For the kids, I like them a little bit thin so they could pick it up, pop it in their mouth, have a really good lunch. This one’s kind of a big piece. So I’m going to save it for myself. .

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