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How to Make an Alice in Wonderland Themed Tea Party | 8 Ideas & recipes | CarlyToffle

Alice in Wonderland Recipes for the Perfect Tea Party

Alice in Wonderland was always one of my favorite stories. I would have killed to have a party like this as a child. Imagine this for your child’s birthday party! The recipes are fairly easy and a lot of fun to make.

Hi everyone its Carly today I’m making an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party to celebrate the release of the new movie Alice Through the Looking Glass next month I’ll be making pocketwatch macarons Mad Hatter cake pop Pat’s wheedle B and Tweedledum cupcakes and I’ll be making some simple bite-sized eat meat cakes playing card brownies white rabbit biscuits little drink new bottles and the Red Queen and white Queen crown cupcakes first I’m going to make the crown cupcakes and to do this I’m using some yellow fondant and I’m just leading into some gold luster dust to give it a nice shimmer and I’m going to roll out a small piece of fondant between two pieces of baking paper and remove the top piece of baking paper and cut into a rectangle shape then I’m going to cut in a zigzag shape and replace the baking paper on top and place it in the freezer to chill for around ten minutes and this should make it easier to work with and trim off the excess baking paper and pull back the paper from around the spikes and trim that to wrap into a circular shape with the baking paper on the outside and use just a little bit of water to stick the two ends together and curl over the ends of the spike so they hung over nicely and then just leave it out as it is to harden until it stands on its own and remove the baking paper leave to harden for a bit longer once it’s that hard you can stick on some silver balls using a very small amount of buttercream use silver balls for the White Queen and red balls for the Red Queen and to save some time because we’re making a lot of treats here today I’ve bought some cupcakes from my local store feel free to make your own now the buttercream recipe I’m using here is the exact same recipe I always use I want a nice swirl and then simply push in the crown moving on to our mud Hatter cakepop hats now I’ve bought this cake from the store again just to save a bit of time and have crumbled this between my fingers and I’m just adding some store-bought chocolate frosting give this a really good mix up and then you can mold it into your hat shape start by rolling it into a ball and then keep flattening the top and the bottom down and rolling the middle between two fingers to get a nice Ridge and pinch the edges to make them nice and sharp between two fingers once you’ve done this leave them to chill in the fridge for around half an hour and you’ll need to get hold of some of these now Cadbury used to make these and they were called chocolate snaps I couldn’t get hold of any of the Cadbury ones but I do know that the supermarket Aldi still makes their own version you’ll also need to make some fondant make this I’ve mixed together green brown and black fondant and also a little bit of gold luster dust to give it that nice shine roll out the fondant and cut around your chocolate snaps then you’ll need to apply a small amount of water to your chocolate snap and then place on your fondant and smooth over the edges then you’ll need to create a hole in the center and I did this using a skewer and a little bit of light pressure and stick on the top of your hat using candy melts and insert your cake pop stick right up as far as you can get it without poking through the top and wrap on some more green fondant around the middle and then cut out a perfect circle size shape using a cookie cutter and place this on top you can pinch the two edges together then you’ll need to place this in the fridge for a further half an hour and using a brush gently brush on some swells just using a very small amount of water and then immediately cover with gold luster dust and wait until it’s dry once it’s dry use a dry brush to rub off the excess and this will leave behind a really lovely swirl pattern you and for the final touches you’ll need to add his ribbon around the bottom of the heart now I got this color fondant by mixing together white and red fondant along with some gold luster dust we default this several times and then wrap it around the back using a very small amount of water just to secure and cut out two long strips of fondant to hang over the back of his hat then cover it up with a small ball shape piece of fondant then to make my playing card brownies I’m using a brownie box mix here just to save time when you’re making so many treats no one really has the time to make everything from scratch follow the instructions on the back of your box and when it’s done and cooled put around a playing card then very simply cut out some white fondant same size as your card then cover your brownie with a small amount of buttercream just to stick the two together and use some red fondant to stick on a heart and pipe on the details next I’m making Tweedledee and Tweedledum cupcakes or Fat Boy cupcakes as noted in the 2010 movie I’ve seen this idea all over the internet so I had to make some for myself start by cutting out disks of brown fondant make sure your disks are bigger than the cupcakes you’re going to stick them onto and use the same cutter to cut half two-thirds and then roll out a sheet of white fondant and stick down some strips of black fondant then use your rolling pin to flatten them into the fondant and then place over strips of red fondant slightly at an angle lay your moon shaped pieces of brown fondant over the bottom using a cookie cutter that is exactly the same size as your cupcakes to cut out the whole thing try not to use too much icing sugar here or you might have trouble getting it off afterwards like I did and then I’m just using a little cake decorating tool there to create the seam on his trousers and also stick on some small balls to look like little buttons stick it to your cupcake cover the top of the cake with a thin layer of buttercream right to the edges then just smooth it down moving on to the pocketwatch macarons you’ll need to mix together 85 grams of icing sugar with 65 grams of ground almonds and in a separate bowl you’ll need to whip 2 medium egg whites until they’re nice and fluffy you and from this point start adding 40 grams of caster sugar bit by bit until it’s smooth and glossy and you’ll need to add half a teaspoon of vanilla extract and just a little black food color I use Wilton food color next you’ll need to fold in your dry ingredients in two batches transfer the finished mixture into a piping bag fitted with a one centimeter plain nozzle and pipe your disks to smooth over the tops just give the baking sheet a couple of sharp taps on the work surface and leave the baking sheet out to stand for ten minutes whilst you preheat the oven to 130 fan these bake for 15 minutes only and the filling I’m using here is quite simply 150 grams of unsalted butter mixed with 75 grams of icing sugar teaspoon of vanilla extract and also a very small amount of black food color like the filling on both halves of the macaron now to make the chain I cut out a very thin strip of white fondant and I just use a little bit of water to stick down a long line of silver balls I’m sticking on a small disc of white fondant and I’m piping on a clock face using some grey royal icing and stick down your clockface wherever it is you’d like to present it using your leftover filling and then arrange your chain as you’d like it and stick on at the other half vertically how super cute is that next I’m making my white rabbit biscuit to make the biscuits you’ll need to cream together 170 grams of unsalted butter with 155 grams of icing sugar then you’ll need to mix in three large egg yolks and add a pinch of salt and one teaspoon of vanilla and I did 310 grams of plain flour and mix this up just until it starts to come together and turn out onto a floured worktop and bring together with your hands roll it out until it’s about two centimeter thick and then use your rabbit cookie cutter to cut out your shapes place these on a baking tray let them chill for around 30 minutes and bake in a preheated oven at 150 fan around 12 minutes once cooled you can I see your biscuit I’m using royal icing to ice this now the white rabbit isn’t a particularly happy rabbit don’t draw him with a nice cute smile because that isn’t in his character once you’re done to get a nice smooth finish give it a couple of firm taps on your work top next I’m making little bite-sized eat me cakes now I’m using a shop bought Madeira cake here again just to save time and make this nice easy and quick idea and just cutting the cake up into little cubes and then I’m going to cover it with a very thin layer of buttercream and then wrap in white fondant icing and to finish I’m just going to pipe on some swirls around the edges and the words evening next I’m making my little drink new bottles and I wanted this to have a really quirky taste so I’m using cream soda good squeeze of fresh lime and a squeeze of lemon and for a more adult taste you can add a dash of lemon cello in a mixer and then pour it into little bottles now these bottles are the ones you find in supermarkets with the food coloring game or different food flavors and they’re perfect for kids because they’re plastic you look your bottles then just tie on your little drink me label finally to present your tea party going to a very pretty teapot complete with teacups really beautiful material and make sure you have some blue material draped out the side of the teapot for the scene when Alice gets placed in there in her blue dress so today we made pocketwatch macarons bite-sized eating cakes playing card brownies white rabbit biscuits Mad Hatter cake pop hats really tasty little drinking bottles tweedledum and tweedledee cupcakes and Red Queen and White Queen crown cupcakes I hope you enjoyed this video I had tons of fun making it if you did enjoy it give it a thumbs up and make sure you subscribe to the channel is completely free and it will always be free so you’ve got nothing to lose see you next time

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