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Harry Potter Cake

Harry Potter Cake Recipe

I am a huge Harry Potter fan and when I saw this cake recipe I knew that I had to share it with you. Can you imagine how excited your kids will be when you make this for them???

Hi everybody. it’s Stephanie here. welcome to my channel. today I have a very special video plan for you guys because the cake I’m making is based on one of my favorite movies and book series Harry Potter on this cake the bottom tier will represent the Harry Potter Hogwarts battle board game the second tier is covered in the textbooks from Hogwarts and on the top we have the famous sorting hat I absolutely love this cake and I cannot wait to show you how I made it alright come on let’s get started okay here we go I’m starting by decorating my board first which is something that is one of my least favorite parts of cake making but it makes such a huge difference so I don’t want to skip it okay so I’ve rolled out my light tan fondant and to get the fondant to stick to my board I’m wiping it with just a little bit of vegetable shortening on it first I get my fondant into place but it’s not exactly big enough so I’m just going to make it work by rolling it out a little bit more once I’ve got the fondant into place and pressing a stone and pression mat into it after I’ve got it all textured I bake it in the oven at 170 degrees for about 15 minutes after my board has cooled I’m adding some color with some food color dust so I’m brushing some different shades of yellows and browns I just fill in some of the stones and then I decided to use my brown powder to completely brush all over the board I then use a brown again to go into all the little tiny cracks it took a while but I really love how it turned out okay let’s get to the cake I’ve had fall flavors on my mind lately so I’m using cinnamon cake for this one using a sharp serrated knife I’m cutting the top part of the cake off and then I’m cutting it in half again for the fillings I’ve made some delicious cinnamon apples and I’m topping it with brown sugar apple crumble I’m adding another layer of cake and a layer of cinnamon buttercream frosting I wasn’t exactly sure how this cake flavor would turn out but the extra leftover pieces sure are good once I’ve got the cake filled I’m covering it and more cinnamon buttercream frosting I also made a rectangular shaped cake which will be the game box moving on to the fondant since this game box has very sharp corners I decided to cover this cake in panels of fondant I’ve measured each side and the top of the cake and I’m cutting out the panels a little larger than my measurements the game box looks like Harry Potter’s luggage I think he calls it a trunk so to mimic the texture I’m pressing an impression mat into the fondant I move my panels over onto a cutting mat and I’m putting them into the freezer until they Harden all right my panels are all frozen and it’s easy to handle now before I can move it onto the cake I’m cutting the bottom edge so that is completely straight and now it’s ready to be placed onto the cake to cut a perfectly straight edge I place my ruler on top of the cake and I run my exacto knife along the top edge and I do the same on all the edges since I’m making this look like Harry Potter’s trunk I’m adding a line where the trunk opens so I’m first marking it by making small holes where I’d like the line to be using my ruler I’m pressing a line into the cake and then I use my sugar shaper to go back and make it more defined all right I need to move my cake over onto my board so I’m first spooning some candy melts onto my board to help hold it into place using a spatula I lift my cake and I get it into place once you put it down you have just a few seconds to move it around before it sets up it’s time to decorate it using a ribbon cutter I cut out strips of fondant to mimic the straps on the trunk there are some lighter tan pieces and some gold ones too I got all those onto the cake and then next I’m using a piping tip to make the little holes and the straps I wasn’t crazy about the color of the trunk so I decided to hand paint it just a little the paint is a tiny drop of brown food color gels mixed with a splash of vodka it’s kind of like a watercolor I also hand-painted the gold straps with an edible food paint next I’m aging the trunk by painting some scratches in it and making it look scuffed up a little bit next I’m moving on to the airbrushing I’m using brown airbrush color to go around the edges and anywhere that I think needs some shading I’m not the best at airbrushing but I do feel that I’m getting better the more I practice next I created the locks by cutting out each individual piece I used a rectangle cutter a circle cutter and some was just cutting freehand and then I dusted them with a little pearl luster dust those then get attached to the cake with edible glue moving on to the logo to make this I’ve printed out the logo and I’ve rolled out a very very thin piece of gun paste it has to be like paper thin I’m using satin ice gum paste for this if you place the piece of gum paste over the printed logo you can very faintly see the logo through it I’m hand painting the logo with a mix of food color gel and a tiny drop of vodka for the Harry Potter letters I’m doing it a little bit different I’m using modeling chocolate for this I picked modeling chocolate because it doesn’t drag like fondant does I also printed out the Harry Potter logo and I’m using the back of a paintbrush to trace the letters onto the modeling chocolate see how you can lightly see the tracing then I used my exacto knife to cut out the letters I get both of my logos put onto the cake since my cake is based on the game Harry Potter Hogwarts battle I’m hand painting some of the details from the game box onto my cake okay I’m finished with the trunk and now I’m moving on to the text books to make these I first cut out a few rectangles of cardboard for my books to dry on I wanted the spines of the books to curve around the sides just like a real book using a straight edge I’m cutting my fondant this is fondant with a tiny bit of tylose powder mixed into it I’m cutting my fondant and then I drape it over my cardboard using my hands I pushed the sides around the edges of the cardboard and then they trim it down on the final side these books can be decorated any way you like I hand painted some and I added more fondant details to some others just be creative and make enough to go all the way around your cake next I need to add my dowels I’m using plastic straws that I pre-cut to the same height as my cake I get my next cake stacked on top of the trunk and then I begin adding my books you can just press them into the buttercream or add more buttercream to use as a glue if needed once I have them all into place I’m brushing some black food coloring powder onto my books to create some shadowing I was scared to use my airbrush in such small areas but I did get my airbrush back out to color between each book I really loved how it turned out next up is the sorting hat and making the sorting hat out of rice krispie treats if you spray your hands with cooking spray before you begin it helps to keep the treats from sticking to your hands I’m molding it into the basic shape of the Hat and I keep adding more cereal treats until I’m happy with the shape and then I covered the treats in a sheet of modeling chocolate to help smooth out all those bumps once I’ve got it all covered I begin adding the facial details for the eyebrows I’ve rolled out a log of modeling chocolate and I press it onto the hat no need for any edible glue as it sticks right on to itself and then they continue with the nose and the mouth I also added some random strips of modeling chocolate to make it look more wrinkled and then I brushed it with a little water and I covered it in brown fondant does the one time I actually want my fondant to be wrinkled which makes it so much easier I then used my Dresden tool to scratch it up even more okay for the brim of the Hat I’m using a cake pan as a guide to help me cut a perfect circle I get that into place on top of the cake and then I move my hat over to I then begin airbrushing my hat I made sure to spray a little more color into the eyes and mouth and any wrinkles just to help enhance those next I realized that I forgot the dowels so I took the hat off completely and I added four plastic straws and one sharpened wooden dowel that is going all the way through my cake and down into the bottom board there we go and then I put the hat back on I did redo the brim of the Hat too because I broke it oh well mistakes happen next up is the Golden Snitch I’m rolling a ball of 50/50 fondant and modeling chocolate mixed together I then dipped a lollipop stick into some melted candy melts and pushed it onto the snitch to create the design on the snitch I use my clay gun extruder to make a tiny log of fondant and I use water to attach the laga fondant to the snitch to create the design moving on to the snitches wings to create these I made myself a paper template I rolled out a very thin piece of satin ice gum paste and I cut out two wings next I’m brushing the top edge of the wing with gum glue and then I press a covered wire on to the top of the wing and I begin rolling the top edge over to cover the wire I then created the feathery look by cutting small strips in the gum paste with my exacto knife I then push the wires into my snitch I actually put these on backwards oh well the final step in creating my snitch is painting it with edible gold paint alright let’s finish it my snitch goes into place and this is a non edible wand that my kids made for me out of paper and hot glue thank you so much for watching my video I hope you enjoyed it and learned how to make your own Harry Potter cake if you are in social media please go check me out on Facebook Instagram and Twitter also if you have any ideas for me please tell me down in the comment section below alright I’ll see you guys next time bye

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