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Best Chicken Tenders Recipe in the oven

Easy Chicken Fingers Recipe

Chef buck here and today we’re going to cook up we’re going to bake up chicken tenders chicken tenders in the oven less muss and fuss and they’re going to be super tasty but there’s a little bit of trick there’s a trick there’s a thing that we got to do that’s going to make them a little taste you know anyway we’re using a little bit of a chicken breast these are some since sliced breast I really buy whatever’s on sale or whatever’s cheap this was buy one get one free sometimes

I’ll buy the ones that are already cut up into tenders and the thing is if you buy like this you can slice them into whatever size you like and you can make some nice long strips of tenders. Alright so we got a cutter cut up sliced up into some nice chicken tender shape and now we’re going to season them up and this is the first thing you want to do. You know where you start getting the other stuff ready go ahead and season your chicken in that way you know I had type of those flavors to amalgamate and infiltrate and some other kind of ‘trate you got some long centers that’s right I’m long yeah when we want to say anything inappropriate so now we’re going to season them up i’m going to put a little bit of salt in there and we’re going to season up these tenders a couple different times because i’m going to put seasoning on the actual a chicken but i’m also going to add it to the flour breading as well little chipotle.  You canalso just add some chili powder in there if you want. I like using chipotle that nice smoky flavor throw some paprika just for the heck of it a little bit of garlic powder and be very generous with your seasonings …some onion a powder because you know it was it was easy to reach let’s go ahead and get these seasonings mixed up here get it rubbed all over so could you use one of your favorite rub recipes yeah you can use any kind of seasonings any kind of rubs you want you just want to add some flavor all right so now that you’ve got your chicken seasoned up with set it aside all right so we’re using lean white chicken breast meat it doesn’t have enough fat so we’re going to add fat to our dish so that it’s nice and juicy and succulent and we’re going to do that with some butter in our bread crumbs…

So I’m going to melt some butter in this pan right here and you can use as much butter as you like you know you don’t have to use a lotta i got like three quarters of a cup right here but you can just use a half a cup you can use a whole cup alright so we’ll melt that up and then we’re going to add breadcrumbs boom and I’m using panko breadcrumbs because once you go panko you never go back… shoot I forgot something i forgot my hot sauce this is another thing I wanted to do in addition to the Chipotle we did hot sauce last time it was really good so I’m going to do it again but you could also add some mustard on here you can add some worcestershire sauce whatever you want seasoning it up early on man that’s gonna make all the difference alrighty so our butter is melted up so I’m going to turn the stove off because it doesn’t need to be hot you know it just needs to be melted up and it looks like a lot of butter and I’m going to put a lot of bread crumbs in here you you need a lot of bread crumbs and although this seems like a lot it’s going to be instantly absorbed by these bread crumbs give it a stir and that butter is going to disappear could be like it wasn’t even there it’s going to make a big difference in the taste of the chicken tenders and while I have this on here i’m going to go ahead and throw in a little turmeric you know in with some breadcrumbs now turmeric…it won’t add that much flavor to it but it’s going to add a nice color I always like to add turmeric to my bread crumbs when I’m baking this will be part of our breading station I may have used too much breadcrumbs I looked like a lot but we’re going to end up using a lot so I’m going to set up my breading station with my bread crumbs right here alright so we’ll set up our little breading station here we’re going to end up doing flour egg bread crumb and i’m just going to use two eggs we’ve got nice butter flavor in here we’ve got our chicken neat seasons i’m going to go ahead and season the flour a little bit too you know i like my stuff super duper flavorful what we do i’m just going to throw some garlic powder in here I’ll put a little bit more for preacher a little bit more salt actually got our flour boom I got a baking sheet and I’m just going to throw a little later oil on here let’s get down to it get that out of the way it’s going listen around alright so now we’re just read enough our tenders boom we’re going to throw them in a flower generously coated with the flour and that flower is going to help the egg to stick so we coated in the egg and then we throw it into bread crumbs boom and then the egg is going to help the bread crumbs and I like having a lot breadcrumb so I’m not have enough to fool around with this just get a nice coating on there boom there you have all right so we’re nearing the end and I added another egg in here because I have 93 eggs which I usually just use to but I guess I’m being overly generous with the eggs but generations good and I didn’t add any more bread crumbs as you can see i had like such a super duper amount of bread crumbs but they’re almost all gone so i was very generous with the breadcrumb so that’s going to make all the difference and see how nice and golden those already look we had in the turmeric in there we’ve got the butter in there so they already look pretty nice eating before we put them in those alrighty now I’m going to slide them into the oven and I’ve already got this club with fries at 425 degrees so we need to let them cook away for 10 or 15 minutes something like that then we’ll take a peek at them and see what’s happened alrighty so it’s been going for 10 minutes whoa oh really about 13 minutes that I probably talked for a few minutes for us as a timer so 12 or 13 minutes you can see it’s already starting to brown up a little bit but we’re going to go ahead and give my flip their fingers look at that brown then on the other side to smell really good already hmm so we give them up flip and I’m going to turn the pan around and slide it back in the oven and let it go for another 10 minutes so about 25 minutes altogether they’re almost 25 minutes altogether for a cooking time so we’ll let a plea down here for a second before we eat them we’re going to go ahead and mix up a couple thousand to you real quick I won’t ranch dressing for chicken tenders but I don’t like just like regular ranch so I like to add a little bit of wasabi to ranch dressing gives it a nice little bite makes it less bland and then we’re going to have a honey mustard sauce too I want to just pretend that tile didn’t happen and we’re not using yellow mustard and then we’ll just throw a little bit honey on there and you know use whatever kind of different sauce you want you know barbecue sauce is good for chicken tenders that’s all you need for honey mustard sauce only in muster you don’t have to be a Stephen Hawking and figure that out well then we have a boom couple of quick chicken tender sauces got some leftover beans here heating up on a stove so that’s all we’re going to have some beans and some chicken tenders different sauces it’s like we’re going through a fancy drive-through alrighty so there you have a delicious chicken tenders in the oven you know it’s not it’s not completely pain free to make but they’re so good you know they’re nice and crunchy and flavorful hello mmm the team season it up super well don’t be shy with the seasoning the butter and the breadcrumbs makes all the difference so don’t skip on that step give this recipe a try let us know what you think you want to print this recipe you know we’ll have it written down below or you can go to myfoodchannel dot com and print the recipe there you know check out all our recipes really appreciate you watching you know share it do all that internet friendly type stuff we’ll see in the future

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